Hard Hat Light

Many situations that call for head protection also call for a flashlight. Since you’re wearing a hard hat already, why not add a headlamp? Most headlamps have fabric straps that slip off plastic, so a rubber strap is necessary. Streamlight makes one such model, but it retails for $30. I built my own version for around $10 (plus hard hat). Click on any image for full-sized version.

You’ll need:


1. Cut the straps from the headlamp mounting bracket and discard. Be careful not to snap off any of the plastic like I did.

2. Thread the rubber strap through the bracket and secure with one buckle. Using only one buckle increases the pressure on the strap and keeps it secure. Keep it off-center so the light can pivot freely.

3. Place the strap around the hard hat.

4. Use the screw to fasten the light to the mounting bracket.

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